The Institute for the conditioning, conservation and territorial development (INPACTA), is a civil association of private law, of academic, educational, cultural and scientific character, linked to the social, economic and political work of national development. It is a juridical person projected as a non-governmental organization, beneficiary of resources from international technical cooperation and Peruvian companies, is regulated by the provisions of the civil code in force.   


  1. To program, elaborate and execute studies and/or projects that allow the conditioning, conservation and development of urban and/or rural areas.
  2. Establish experimental research centers that rescue customs and dynamics of native populations and propose alternatives for sustainable development that result in the quality of life.
  3. To provide advice and technical assistance to decision makers at the local, regional and/or national development levels, in urban-rural relations, in order to promote productive economic activities, fostering environmental balance.
  4. To develop training and dissemination activities, related to the value of planned territorial development and environmental protection, consistent with the current and future real needs of each population.
  5. To elaborate publications, brochures, manuals and to organize all kinds of events, seminars, contests, national and international exhibitions and others of similar nature.
  6. To maintain cultural relations with other similar entities at the national and international level.